Disney Food Allergy Websites

Here are a couple of websites I typically mention when talking to clients about food allergies at Disney.

The first is Allergy Free Mouse. I mention it first, because it covers the top 8 food allergens, and it is my website. I started it over 3 years ago when I realized there weren’t any Disney World planning websites for those of us with food allergies in our families, and Disney didn’t really publicize it. It has lots of planning tips, food allergy reviews written by many readers and myself, plus lists of allergy-free foods you will find at the Disney restaurants. There is also a section about Disney Cruises with food allergies and Disneyland. After years of helping families plan their Disney vacations with food allergies, I realized that Disney would actually pay me to do this at no additional cost to the client.

Another great gluten-free Disney resource is Gluten Free in Orlando. Alexis has a blog with many gluten-free reviews of Disney and other Orlando restaurants.